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*NEW* The Superannuation Scheme Song Written for Campaign Bear’s first ever picket line. (More details on that here:

Aktiv Gegen Folter.pdf: German-language leaflet I produced for a workshop on torture, giving some ideas about how to take action against torture, some information on human rights standards relating to torture, and some arguments against torture.

Make_Torture_Stop.pdf: How to Fight Torture - 5 Simple Ideas. English-language version of the above leaflet.

Would you kill and eat a child if doing so could prevent a terrorist attack? A response to the “ticking bomb” scenario.

Privilege: I can’t claim the credit for this one, which goes to Robot Hugs, and it’s technically not a leaflet, but this is absolutely my first go-to resource whenever I get into one of those arguments about discrimination, equality and pesky power structures. Available in two versions:

    Privilege by Robot Hugs: version with sweary word

    Privilege by Robot Hugs: version without sweary word

(There’s only one sweary word, though, and it’s important for dramatic effect :-)

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